Skeebo is a blue pacworlder, he is a bully to Pac and his friends. He used to be in a steady relationship with Cylindria until she broke up with him for running away instead of trying to save her from a ghost. Ever since that happened he started to bully her too. Skeebo wants to be a better hero than Pac-Man but always fails. He is voiced by Matt Hill.


Skeebo is a blue pacworlder with purple eyes, yellow hair and white sleeves. He wears blue and white sneakers in white socks.


He's very jealous of Pac-Man when he saves the day from ghosts. He hates the color yellow, yet ironically he has yellow hair. He pretends to be a hero, but is so afraid of ghosts. He hates it when Pac-Man eats all the food, because the Power Berries are unaffected to him when Pac gave him some Power Berries and eats them, which didn't gave him any power or form. Skeebo is with his buddies.



  • He is possibly part of the school football team.
  • He's jealous of Pac.
  • His appearance is similar to Flash Thompson from the Spider Man series.
  • In Robo Woes, it is revealed that Skeebo can sing.
  • Skeebo always acts as a bully towards Pac.
  • Skeebo said booga booga when he scared Pac-Man.
  • Skeebo shares similarities to Dash Baxter From the 2007 TV Show Danny Phantom
    • Both hate the main protagonists, Pac-Man and Danny Phantom.
    • Both bullies the main protagonist's friends, Cylindria and Spiral, Tucker Foley and Sam Manson.