Rotunda Spheros is the mother of President Spheros, an unnamed daughter, Betrayus, and the wife of an unknown husband. Rotunda is also the grandmother of Elliptica. She made her debut in the episode The Great Chase!, and also appears in flashbacks of The Shadow of the Were-Pac. She is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain.


Rotunda is a pale orange Pac Worlder with green eyes, mauve red lipstick, and white hair tied in a bun. She wears mauve red thick-rimmed glasses, black tights with a white polka-dot pattern, and white beige black-heeled shoes.


Rotunda is much like Pac-man. Though she appears to be a delicate lady, she is very tough, upbeat, and is loving and sweet. This is shown when she adopts Pac-man as her grandson in The Great Chase!.


President Spheros and BetrayusEdit

As the mother of the two, Rotunda favored Spheros and is proud of him being President, but she shows little care about Betrayus during in his youth. Rotunda calls Betrayus "Tray-Tray", and as such, it leads to Betrayus getting sick and tired of her loving Spheros as her "favorite son".


Rotunda is her grandmother. Not much else about their relationship is known.


She adopted Pac-Man as her grandson.



Season 1Edit

Season 2 Edit


  • Rotunda gets possessed by Lord Betrayus. While being possessed she ends up scolding and getting irritated with President Spheros.
  • She is disappointed with Betrayus for the actions he's chosen.