President Stratos Spheros is a supporting character in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He is also the president of PacWorld. President Spheros is the green pacworlder. His little brother is Betrayus, lord of the Netherworld. His best friend is Sir Cumference. He's voiced by Samuel Vincent.

President Spheros


President Stratos Spheros is the president of Pacworld. President Spheros is the best friend of Sir Cumference.


He is green with white sideburns, orange eyes, a black shirt with yellow and black cuffs, a golden bowtie, black hair and brown pants with yellow and black boots.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit




  • Spheros was a soldier along with Sir Cumference in the PacWorld wars because his boss is Pac's aunt Spheria.
  • He was the coach/referee of Pac-Pong in the highlights of Spheria's most famous match against Betrayus in which it was seen in Pac-Pong Fever.
  • He knows the location to the Tree of Life.
  • It is revealed in President Possessed that his nickname in preschool was "Faucet Nose", he wore a diaper until he was six, and peas give him gas.
  • His first name is Stratos.
  • His face bears a strong resemblance to Mario's.
  • He was voiced by Samuel Vincent. He is almost similar to Russell from Littlest Pet Shop.
  • There is a running gag in the series whenever the gang completes a mission, Sir Cumference says "I can't help but forgetting something." which links to Spheros

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