Power Berries come from the Tree of Life and all give Pac-Man different powers that can help him beat ghosts.

Power Berry ListEdit

List of Power Berries that appear in the show.

Power Berry Design Powers Picture
Power Berry Any Protects from the Netherworld's environment Any berries
Flight Berry Yellow Ability to Fly
Ice Berry Light Blue Icy Elemental Powers Minty Ice Berry
Fire Berry Red and Yellow Fiery Elemental Powers Firey Berry
Titanium Berry Silver Cybernetic with a Magnet and a Drill Titani
Rubber Berry Yellow or Pink Body becomes like a superball to bounce in any locations
Kung Fu Berry Pink Receives Kung Fu Martial Arts skills Kung Fu Berry
Light Berry Bright Pink Body becomes light as a feather like a balloon
Giant Berry Dark Green with Light Green Zigzags Grows to Giant size Giant Berry
Balloon Berry Purple with a Dark Red Spiral Body becomes inflated like a blimp Balloon Berry
Chameleon Berry Green Body receives a Chameleon-like body with camouflage ability Chameleon Berry
Fishing Berry Pink Tongue transforms into a fishing rod to capture ghosts
Granite Ball Berry Brown with Black Lines Host transforms into a giant boulder Stone Berry
Rocket Berry Crimson Rocket's attached on the legs of its host with the ability to fly
Elder Berry Black with a bit of pale dark brown Host transforms into a "King Kong"-like creature Elder Berry
Planet Berry Earth-like Host transforms into a planet-like and planet-shaped creature
Youth Berry Yellow with a black pac-man symbol Host becomes younger Youth Berry
Garlic Berry Garlic White Belching Jack O'Lantern-shaped clouds of Garlic breath Garlic Berry
Wind Berry Dark Red Wind Elemental Powers Wind Berry
Wizard Berry Blue with Yellow Stars Magical Powers
Wizard Berry
Arachnid Berry Dark Gray and Fuzzy Spider-based Powers
Brain Berry Brain-like Super Intellectual Brain Powers
Brain Berry
Spin Berry Yellow with white spiral Super Speed Power with spin ability
Combo berry Multi-colored User can use the powers of Ice Berry, Titanium Berry, and Spin Berry
Wi-Fi Berry Orange Transport Pac-Man to Cyberspace
Wi-Fi Berry
Freinkenstien berry Purple Zapping powers

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