The Pacinator is the evil freezer. He is a cyan PacWorlder. He froze the yellow pacworlders for Apex. He owns the Frozen Mom's Yogurt company which is a cover for his real occupation, a mercenary. He is responsible for the genocide of the yellow Pac-People. His signature weapon is his freeze gun which he uses to freeze his victims and to make frozen yogurt.


The Pacinator is an icy blue Pac-Worlder with dark aqua hair. He wears sunglasses and icy blue-metallic grey boots.

History Edit

The Pacinator wanted to invent a machine that could fastly make large amounts of yogurt but his first try could only make freezing cold yogurt that sometimes froze the machine and anyone who ate it. Sometime later, he got into a fight with his mother and froze her out of anger. The Pacinator liked freezing his mother so much he believe he found his true calling in life. He then became a hitman who froze his victims either to destroy them or capture them, never to be seen again.


  • The Pacinator is an obvious parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his portrayal of The Model 101 Terminator in the film Terminator and his role as Mr. Freeze in the film Batman & Robin.
    • His name is also a parody of The Terminator.
  • He is a villain Pac-Worlder that was responsible for freezing the yellow ones.
    • The Pacinator describes them as being even more dangerous than Betrayus.
  • The Pacinator was hired to murder all the yellow ones by Apex, an evil overlord pac-alien.
  • He lived at Frozen Mom's Yogurt.
    • He actually named the said yogurt shop after his frozen mother.
  • He has an Unnamed Mother in which he froze.
  • It is unknown what really happened to him afterwards near the end of Stand By Your Pac-Man.