Pac is Back
Song by Zachary Lobertini
Genre(s) Pop, techno
Length 0:30
William Kevin Anderson (composer)
Avi Arad (lyrics)
Pac-Man - And The Ghostly Adventures (Opening)

Pac-Man - And The Ghostly Adventures (Opening)

Pac is Back is the theme song for Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. The theme song was composed by William Kevin Anderson with lyrics by Avi Arad and includes bits of the original theme by Toshio Kai. It was performed by Zachary Lobertini[1]


The Pac is back
Ghosts chomping at his feet
Pac's our hero
Pac just can't be beat, yeaaah
Pac-Man yo, Pac extreme
He's a chowing down machine
Ghosts, monsters, ghouls
And only one can stop them
Pac-Man rules!
The Pac is back
Ghosts chomping at his feet
Pac's our hero
And Pac just can't be beat
 Pac is back!

Connection to ShowEdit

  • "The Pac is back" - Pac-Man returning in a TV series.
  • "Ghosts chomping at his feet", "He's a chowing down machine" - Pac-Man eating ghosts like always.
  • "Pac's our hero", "And only one can stop them" - Pac is the only yellow one in PacWorld, making him its hero.
  • "Pac just can't be beat, yeaaah" - No villain can defeat Pac.
  • "Pac-Man yellow, Pac extreme" - Being a yellow one, there's many possiblilities he can do with his extreme powers.
  • "Ghosts, monsters, ghouls" - The criminals Pac will be facing.
  • "Pac-Man rules" and always he saves the day by eating ghosts