The Pac-a-chini is a flying jet vehicle and is built as one of Sir Cumference's inventons.


The Pac-a-chini is basically a jet merged to the image of a zucchini.


The Pac-a-chini was used to travel everywhere, much like the other vehicles. In one case, it was used to travel to the Netherworld in search of Slimetanium, a substance found in Cyclops Ghost eyes. The Pac-a-chini, in one episode, was modified by Sir C to hold enemy weapons.


  • Time Travel- The Pac-a-chini has been used to travel back in time on a couple of occasions, the first usage was in

Pac to the Future and the second in Cave PAC-MAN.

it was modified to do said ability to have Cylindria and Spiral deliver food and a Shrink Berry to Pac (as being Planet Pac).



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