Since its debut in 2013, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures has had several merchandise.

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Three plushies have been released of Pac-Man, Cylindria, and Spiral with the Ghost Gang and Betrayus soon to be released.


Figures have been released of Pac-Man, Cylindria, Spiral, Pac-Man, Metal Pac-Man, and Ice Pac-Man. They come in two different packs of three, one with Pac-Man, Cylindria, and Spiral and the other with Pac-Man, Metal Pac-Man, and Ice Pac-Man.

Ghost GrabbersEdit

Pac Panic SpinnersEdit

Other ToysEdit

Burger King promotionEdit

In January 2014, Burger King offered Pac-Man toys with their kids' meals. The toys were:

  • Two different Pac-Man toys
  • Cylindria
  • Spiral
  • Blinky
  • Betrayus

At the same time, Burger King hosted an online sweepstakes where one played their online games and earned several Pac-Man prizes, which was a tradition for Burger King's website for each promotion until their site was closed on May 19, 2014. However, the winner of the sweepstakes was not announced due to a lack of updates to their site.

Sticker collection and albumEdit

Giromax released Pac-Man stickers and trading cards. Also available is a sticker album.


The poster

DVD ReleasesEdit

There are currently five DVD releases in North America.


Clothing has also been released.


Several other Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures merchandise has been released.

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