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Throughout the series, Pac, along with various other characters, use the Power Berries to transform into different forms.

Pacman formsEdit

  • Ice: This form can freeze Ghosts and other hazards.
  • Fire: This form can burn Ghosts or other materials.
  • Metal: This form has a magnetic tongue to grab Ghosts and a drill tongue.
  • Chameleon: This form can turn invisible and has a stretchy tongue to grab Ghosts.
  • Granite Ball: This form is a gigantic "granite ball", which can crush Ghosts.
  • Rubber: This form is a bouncy ball which can bounce up and down. As shown in Season 2 Episode 20, Pac can also stay in his regular shape and he can stretch his arms and legs.
  • Balloon: This form is a balloon filled which releases air to move. 
  • Spin: This form is a spinning top which can spin to go fast or make enemies dizzy.
  • Tiny: This form is a tiny version of the user.
  • Fishing Rod: This form has a fishing rod as a tongue to grab ghosts.
  • Paczilla: This form is a gigantic version of the user.
  • Pac Kong: This form is a prehistoric and giant ape like creature based off of King Kong.
  • Planet: This form is a planet much like the Earth.
  • Rocket: This form has rockets attached to it's legs which allow it to fly.
  • Wizard: This form can perform magical spells such as changing itself into a fly.
  • Arachnid: This form has the same abilities as a spider.
  • Brainiac: This form makes the user to be really smart.
  • Fly: This form is a PacWorlder sized fly with the same abilities as a fly.
  • Digital: This form is a digital form of the user.

Pac's FormsEdit


  • Not every Power Berry transforms the user. Most Power Berries give the user special abilities rather than turn the user into a new form.
  • As revealed in Robo Woes, if Apex or any other villain with such power might drain power from the Power Berries, this could be prevented by having the berry covered in a reflective coating.
  • In the episode Pac-Mania, the actor playing Pac-Man in the TV Show ate three "Power Berries": One turning him into a tomato, one turning him into a bird, and one turning him into an elderly woman. It could be presumed it's because this is just a TV Show made to make fun of Pac-Man, and as such, these forms do not exist.