Lemon Rocket

One of the more outstanding vehicles of the series, the Lemon Rocket, built by Sir Cumference to travel at incredible speed and into space.

Probably the most outstanding use of the Lemon Rocket is when Pac and Grinder travel into space to stop the ghosteroid from destroying the world. Pac was also assisted by the Ghost Gang as they recovered his lost planet berry. Interestingly, after gobbling up the ghosteroid, Pac returned to PacWorld with Cylindria and Spiral in the Pac-Erchini while Grinder was left in space with the Lemon Rocket, forgotten for an unknown amount of time. Since Cave PAC-MAN, Sir Cumference added an upgrade to the Lemon Rocket, evolving Pac's first transformation: Ice Pac-Man.

The Lemon Rocket was swimming in the Underwater.

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