Ghosts are a ghoulish species that are the main draw of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, and they work for Betrayus as his minions. A few sub-species of ghosts include; Tentacle ghosts, Cyclops ghosts, Guardian ghosts, Aqua ghosts, Fire ghosts, Ice ghosts, Lightning ghosts and more. They all have the power to possess Pac-Worlders.


Ghosts came in all different sub-species and color. Commonly, most ghosts were purple, orange, pink, yellow, white, red, blue, or green.

Known GhostsEdit


  • Their rivals are PacWorlders.
  • They only have the ability to possess a Pac-Worlder for a short period of time.
  • As mentioned above, Ghosts came in all different sub-species and colors, and the most common were red, blue, or green.
  • Pink ghosts were often considered to be females, as seen with Pinky and Sue, but this was ironic, as other female ghosts have different colors. One such simple example is Mavis.