Cave PAC-MAN is the three episode in second season of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It aired on June 11, 2014.


Pac finds a early cave kid inside a volcano in a cave.




Sir Cumference





Do-ug the cave kid

Dr. Buttocks




Trivia Edit

  • This is the second time Pac ate Betrayus and belched his eyeballs.
  • This is the fourth time Clyde, Inky, Blinky and Pinky are in absent.
  • President Spheros is in absent.
  • When Pacman tasted the new Ice Lemon Rocket, after Sir C says they come in different flavors, he says, "If I only I could sample them all!". This may be a reference to the Pokemon motto.
  • Cylindria, after seeing Pac's sample of dino drool, said, Note: Put this in Pac Gross scenes", while pointing out the other scenes from various episodes.
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