Apex is an evil Pointy Head overlord. His plans is to take over Pacworld and capture Pac-Man, Betrayus and President Spheros. He is voiced by Colin Murdock.



Not much is mentioned or known about Apex's past except that he lives on Planet Pointy Head and that he hired the Pacinator at some point. Then after the Pacinator possibly delivered Zac and Sunny to him, he took the two to his home planet. Apex then first appeared on screen in Robo Woes to give President Spheros a gift (which was actually a trap to rule Pac-World), but was later defeated by Pac and escaped in his robot suit. Apex later appeared in Invasion of the Pointy Heads to make an agreement with Betrayus to conquer Pac-world, but later betrayed him. He escaped with his army after Pac and Betrayus discovered his weakness and then told Pac if he wants to give a message to his parents, but then leaves, leaving behind a trail of energy.


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Powers/Abilities Edit

Not much of Apex abilities are shown but its revealed that they are red beams from his body.

  • Red Beams- Apex abilities are his red beams that he can shoot from his body. Its unknown if he has anymore beams that can do different things.
  • Telekinesis Beam- A beam that Apex shoots out of his mouth that he uses to mostly eat things.
  • Home Sending Beam- A beam that Apex shoots out of his forehead that sends things where they came from.
  • Intelligence- Apex is also mostly seen using his intelligence to come up with plans and also use it to control his giant robot.
  • Piloting- Apex is an expert pilot as he is seen piloting his robot.


  • Apex hired the Pacinator to hunt down the Yellow Pac-people (or as he calls them "Yellow Orbs") and Pac-Man.
  • Apex also met Pac's parents, and he might either murdered the two or trapped them.
  • He planned to take over Pac-World and the Netherworld.
  • He puts ghosts back to the place they came from.
  • Apex and the Pointy Heads' weakness are ghost eyeballs being spat out, being afraid and creeped out by it.
  • It is unknown why he didn't destroy Pac-Man, as Pac was probably hidden somewhere where he couldn't find him.
  • He is the third person in the series so far to have the same appetite as Pac-Man, the others are Spiral, Clyde, Betrayus and Fuzbitz.
  • He is similar to Erwin from Pac-Man World 3.
  • He always falls off the ramp when entering, remarking "I need to fix that."